Baltic Sea NGO Forum

Baltic Sea NGO Network

The Baltic Sea NGO Network is a cooperative body of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in the Baltic Sea Region. The network is open to all organisations with an interest in Baltic Sea Cooperation.

The purpose of the network is to support and strengthen civil society in the Baltic Sea Region

  • by bringing together NGOs from different Baltic Sea countries and from different areas of interest to share experiences, exchange information and improve their knowledge
  • by creating partnerships and supporting trans-national as well as inter-sectoral networks between NGOs from different Baltic Sea countries
  • by making NGOs more visible and influencing the democratic decision-making process on the national, regional and EU levels
  • by supporting the development of inter-national understanding and inter-cultural activities.
  • by raising public awareness and understanding for the work of NGOs, citizens’ activities and initiatives, and
  • by encouraging people to get involved and take an interest in their own affairs.

Since 2001, the annual Baltic Sea NGO Forum has been held under the auspices of the rotating CBSS Presidencies. The Baltic Sea NGO Forum serves as an important meeting point for establishing personal contacts, finding project partners and networking with the aim of developing and strengthening civil society co-operation in the Baltic Sea region. The Forum also offers an opportunity for dialogue between NGOs and public authorities on future perspectives of co-operation in the Baltic Sea Region.

The most recent NGO Forum took place Berlin on 23–35 April 2012. The next Forum is scheduled to take place in St. Petersburg/Russia on 16–17 April 2013. For more information see: