Other Events

19-22 March, St. Petersburg: Congress “Baltic Sea Week”

Congress “Baltic Sea Week” is one of the biggest events devoted to the development of cooperation in the Baltic Sea region in the period of the CBSS Russian Presidency. The events of the Baltic Sea Week are:

• VI Annual International Conference "TRILOGY " (transport, investments, logistics) (March, 19)

• XIV International Environmental Forum "Baltic Sea Day" (March, 20-22)

• Meeting "The Baltic Sea region: common territory – common interest – common projects" (March, 20)

• First International Agricultural Conference of the Baltic Sea Region (March, 21)

The events are aimed at maintaining the existing co-operation and the establishment of a new strategic partnership, strengthening cooperation in the Baltic Sea region, finding ways to synchronize the efforts of the European Union and Russia in the Baltic Sea region, searching for common interests of the Baltic Sea States, discussing on sectorial priorities of the macro region. Please read more in Russian http://investa.spb.ru/rus/s/33/mezhdunarodnoe_sotrudnichestwo.html