Baltic 21 Lighthouse Projects

Baltic 21 meets the environmental, social and economic challenges facing the Baltic Sea Region by developing a multitude of sustainability projects. Each one with the most suitable partners and tailor made methods.

We call these projects Lighthouse Projects. They are the core of our work and within their frameworks we find, develop and test practical solutions for sustainability.

Lighthouse Projects are either been developed within the Baltic 21 network or in ad-hoc working groups especially designed for this purpose.

They conform with a set of criteria specifically focused on value-added contribution to the regional sustainability and high visibility.

Findings or outcomes of a Lighthouse Project are transformed into general policy recommendations that can be applied in the Baltic Sea Region and beyond, introduced and promoted on different political levels such as national governments, the European Commission and the United Nations.

The Lighthouse Project Quality label is being awarded by the CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development.

Currently there are 8 ongoing Lighthouse Projects.


The projects SPIN, EcoRegion and New Bridges ended in the end of 2011. EHSA - Ecosystem Health ended in November 2012. Agora 2.0 held its final conference and the project will officially close by the end of December 2012.