Activities beyond

Baltic 21 has been actively working to promote sustainable development beyond the BSR core region.

Particular emphasis is made towards knowledge sharing between partners in the Baltic Sea Region and actors in Ukraine and Belarus. Being part of the Baltic Sea catchment area these countries are natural partners for Baltic 21 to cooperate with furthering regional sustainability.

In 2008, Baltic 21 Unit organized a fact-finding visit to both countries. Baltic 21 supported the participation of Belarusian and Ukrainian stakeholders in the Baltic 21 networks activities, including working groups and Lighthouse projects.

A database was established for people seeking possible partners in Belarus and Ukraine.

Main areas of future cooperation were identified are:

  • Education
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism
  • Sustainable rural development
  • Preservation of marine environment and
  • Biodiversity

In a second project period we specifically support the development of rural areas in Belarus and Ukraine.

Seminars on relevant topics are being organised regularly.