Ars Baltica Organising Committee

Created in 1991 on the initiative of the Ministries of Culture of the Baltic Sea Region, ARS BALTICA is an international cultural network. Its aim is to extend and further develop infrastructure for heightened cultural cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. Alongside the large number of bilateral and multilateral institutions and initiatives that have positioned themselves successfully in the meantime, ARS BALTICA has retained one special feature: in a formalised arena, it continues as an informal network, defined by equality of participation in cultural-political discourse. However, the ARS BALTICA Initiative has never been restricted to the Baltic Sea Region; its most innovative projects have always reached beyond regional barriers. ARS BALTICA promotes multinational partnership projects, leading to cooperation between a wide range of institutions and initiatives.

Its power and uniqueness lies in combining cultural policy development and close cooperation with cultural operators. ARS BALTICA reports to the Conference of Ministers of Culture. ARS BALTICA's steering body is the ARS BALTICA Organising Committee. ARS BALTICA National Desks are located in institutions which have both cultural and political functions in their respective countries (e.g. Ministries of Culture, Arts Councils, Cultural Institutes and so forth), which enables the network to chart developments early and identify outstanding projects with an innovative force that may considerably enhance multilateral cooperation. ARS BALTICA activities are supported by a rotating Secretariat.