Visions and Strategies Around the Baltic Sea


Representatives from national and regional ministries of the Baltic Sea region (BSR) responsible for environment protection and for spatial planning met in Karlskrona, Sweden, August 1992. The conference was also attended by representatives from international organisations. It was decided to jointly prepare a document on a spatial development concept “Vision and Strategies around the Baltic Sea 2010”.

The objectives are:

  • to support the development of networks for cooperation in the Baltic Sea region
  • to provide a practical forum for the transfer of competence to the countries in transition to democratic market economies
  • to improve the level of information in BSR countries on current trends and problems in other countries of the region
  • to assess important infrastructure projects to receive international financial contributions
  • to promote spatial planning in the participating countries and regions.

VASAB is steered by a Committee on Spatial Development of the Baltic Sea Region (CSD/BSR) composed of representatives of respective ministries and regional authorities.

The VASAB Secretariat is located in Riga, Latvia.