Young, creative minds in the Baltic region can drive innovation and integration. Balticlab brings these minds together in the same space to create and explore new perspectives and sources for inspiration. As the network flourishes, new opportunities for collaboration open up.


Balticlab Network

14-17 December 2012 was written down in the history of the Baltic Sea region as the weekend during which a network of young creative entrepreneurs – Balticlab Network – came into being. This network, stemming from a partnership between the CBSS Secretariat and the Swedish Institute has three qualities that none of the other networks in the region have had before: 1) it offers an entrepreneurial mindset that crosses disciplines, gender and borders in a broad and unique way; 2) it can reinvent itself and the relationships between its actors (participants, stakeholders, organizers) and thus it can acquire diverse forms, either temporary or long-term; 3) it is available to be used as a database for creativity and creative entrepreneurs in the Baltic Sea region.

The Balticlab Network is set to continue. This spring the Balticlab Magazine will be released as a one-off piece dedicated to reflections on what happened during the launch weekend in December 2012. Tied to the magazine, Balticlab Network will also be continuing though an interactive Balticlab online platform, the launch of which is planned for April 2013. This will be a space for balticlab’ers and their friends to share project ideas, contacts and industry tips. Furthermore, its aim is to serve as an engaging application, which would keep creative Baltic Sea region entrepreneurs up to date with all relevant future activities and stories.


Balticlab Project Development Programme

The main challenge of any network, however, is not only finding a way of remaining viable (i.e. continuing in existence), but also how to be considered as a relevant tool with multiple functions. Bearing that in mind, the Balticlab initiators have decided to make the first step in this process by acting as an outside commissioner or curator, to find out how the Balticlab Network could be further utilized as a resource for creative solutions, partnerships and projects. 

What do we mean by this? Balticlab initiators are organizations that are working on various cooperation issues in the Baltic Sea region and are both actively engaged in the implementation of the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. They have identified specific current concerns in the region, and browsed through the Balticlab Network as a database with an aim to harness the energy, ideas and knowledge of the network and channel those assets into innovative measures to address these concerns. The two organizations are thus forming a group from the Balticlab Network to participate in the Balticlab Project Development Programme that will be set throughout April –June 2013. More information here.



The BalticLab Programme is a joint partnership between the Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat in Stockholm and the Swedish Institute’s Baltic Sea Unit based in Stockholm/Visby. The programme is initiated within the framework of the South Eastern Baltic Sea Area Modernization Partnership (SEBA) and is a flagship project of the European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR). For more information please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it