Expert Group on Nuclear and Radiation Safety

The Expert Group on Nuclear and Radiation Safety (EGNRS) established already in 1992, gathers together the respective national authorities of the CBSS members and its observers. The Expert Group meets twice a year and additionally in smaller sub-groups on an ad-hoc basis to discuss specific tasks. The main tasks are as follows:

  • to collect information about nuclear facilities and waste storage in the Baltic Sea Region;
  • to identify the sources of radioactivity which pose a potential risk in the Baltic Sea Region;
  • to identify potential nuclear and radiological risks that require immediate concerted remedial action;
  • to take stock of and monitor various projects aimed at enhancing nuclear and radiation safety in the Baltic Sea Region; and to prepare relevant recommendations as well as to suggest and develop initiatives accordingly.

The EGNRS is also an expert forum for initiating cooperation activities related to radiological emergency planning.

Topical Day on Monitoring of Radioactivity in the Environment Oslo 12-13. April 2011

Introductory words by Ambassador Dag Briseid

Ambassador Dag Briseid Norwegian Presidency 2010–2011





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