Creating a safe and secure region

Civil Security is one of the five long-term priorities of the CBSS. There exist several specialized CBSS-related networks and structures within is field. First, there is well-developed cooperation, in the most field of law enforcement, including cross-border crime-related networks of police, border guard, prosecutors and tax administrations. Often these law enforcement sectors cooperate also cross-sectorally with each other, which brings added value for our regional cooperation. There is also a very developed and practical expert cooperation in the field of fighting against trafficking in human beings, and a specialized network focusing on safety and well-being of children at risk, in particular. Unlike pure law enforcement structures, thse two structures focus more on the social dimension of the problems, that is, more on the victims than the criminals. One of the most concrete civil security cooperation fields is nuclear safety, taking place in the framework of the CBSS Expert Group on Nuclear and Radiation Safety. There is also a civil protection network, based on cooperation between national rescue and crisis management authorities.

These different structures and networks have defined the level, degree and nature of cooperation and activities quite differently, starting from their own concrete needs and avoidance of duplication with and within other multilateral institutions. Some of the CBSS related civil security networks meet only annually at the highest level to exchange views, whereas others have established 24/7 communication channels and take joint operational actions on the ground. In general, however, the tendency has been moving towards more operational, concrete and practical cooperation.