14.3 Macro-Regional Risk Scenarios and Gaps Identification

The Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat is responsible for the management and reporting to the Commission as coordinating beneficiary and overall lead assisted by the Swedish Institute.

The CBSS Secretariat Communication Team is the lead partner and main beneficiary for the publicity of the project.

The project has four main task areas which are:
1. Macro-Regional Risk Scenario/Hazard and Gap Analysis
2. Floods Prevention in Macro-Regional Context
3. Forest Fire Prevention in Macro-Regional Context
4. Nuclear Safety Risk Scenarios and Gaps in Macro-Regional Context

Implementing countries are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Sweden, North-West Russia (included with separate funding and project plan).

The project aims to develop scenarios and identify gaps for all main hazards of the Baltic Sea Region, including winter storms and floods. Such an objective was chosen in order to anticipate potential disasters, and thus enabling a rapid and effective EU response through the Community Civil Protection Mechanism. In addition, and drawing on existing possibilities for funding in the Civil Protection Financial Instrument, it aims to strengthen training activities and exercises in cooperation with the countries of the Baltic Sea Region.


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